Human rights testimonials

During this program, participants had the opportunity to come in contact with the topic of human rights, develop their skill and expand their knowledge. During the program each member needed to collaborate in smaller groups and come up with news ideas, create projects and reach out to the community. One of the activities involved: interviews from locals, introducing one’s home country and engage in open conversations regarding human rights.

Interview with locals

Everything starts inside you, you need to change yourself first, and then you can change the world

During interview with a lot of people we have noticed that although everyone agrees with the idea that men and women have equal rights, “There is still a lot to fight for until we reach equality”

Initiatives like these support our community and give the opportunity to young people to improve, learn, and become more mindful of the world.

To help the homeless is not just to give food or bed, it’s also to make them visible and give them a voice.

I think it all starts at a young age. All children should be thought to accept, appreciate and love their own person. A good foundation like this would lead to less violation of human rights in the future.

For me, freedom means For human rights to be present and universal everywhere, that is why we need to support all those who fight to gain and to keep those rights.

It is not enough to quietly believe in something. Saying nothing is actually saying something. You must express if you are against something – like the violation of someone’s human rights – otherwise it can be seen as if you support things which you in fact do not.

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