iNotice Blog’s Mission

Do you really know your rights as a human? We all keep saying that human rights are violated in many and various ways and they really are; but do you really know which these rights are? iNotice is the project that helped approximately thirty young participants from four different European countries (Romania, Poland, Italy and Greece) through a non-formal learning process to learn or/and get a deeper understanding of the human rights and the different forms of their violation in a worldwide climax and especially in Europe. It’s time to get a taste of our project and the activities we went through in order to get all this information.

Human Rights Inspiration

GAMES: – Playspent – Harvard Test Implicit – Human Rights Games You Can Play Online VIDEOS: Ted talks: “Tony Porter: A call to men” […]

Human rights testimonials

During this program, participants had the opportunity to come in contact with the topic of human rights, develop their skill and expand their knowledge. During the program […]